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It’s 10:54pm on a Tuesday night and I’m over a week late writing my first blog of 2022. Pretty typical of a mompreneur who is running a multi million dollar producing real estate company, wife, mom of a two year old and handicapped frenchie, (that story will come later).

I’ve struggled with consistency and keeping a routine my whole life. Like many people who are naturally good at sales, we have a knack for bonding with people, a constant craving for problem solving and a need to dive into the next challenge. I’m addicted to the game, the game of being the best in my field, the best in my industry, the best at EVERYTHING. The constant need for success certainly comes in handy when building a thriving business but there is also a dark side to any level of success. I’m not the best at keeping a consistent schedule and I’m horrible at the mundane daily tasks that I know need to get done in order to run a thriving business and keep my personal household running smoothly.

BUT and this is a big BUT, I’m taking the time right now to ask myself, Why do I constantly feel the need to “should” myself? Like, I should have been up earlier, should have worked out, should have spent time more time with my daughter, should have done better. Why is it so important to have a consistent schedule and what is the true definition of really being organized? Hell if I really know. But what I do know is that I’ve hit a limit of constantly “shoulding” myself; constantly telling myself I should have done this or that better. Why are we always so hard on ourselves?

I want you to ask yourself the same question. If you’re a business owner, a parent, a type A personality who constantly harps on what you could have done differently, could have done better, what you should be doing right now instead of what you are currently doing, I want you to STOP. Let’s work on living in the moment this year and not being so hard on ourselves. Take the time to enjoy what you are currently doing whether that be watching a movie in the middle of the day because you secretly need a break from working at home, or taking just 5 minutes to breathe, when you really “should” be doing something else. Just stop for a few minutes and take the time to enjoy the now.

My intention for this blog is to share all of my ups and downs not only in my business but my personal life as well, the behind the scenes, so to speak. I want to be an open book to all of you who feel like you need somewhere to come and laugh, relate and understand how hard life truly can be sometimes. This is a safe space, a place to speak freely about the struggles.

I’m an adult who struggles with structure, I have fears I will never be a good enough mom or wife. I’m terrified that the business I’ve worked so hard to create will come crashing down at any moment if I don’t continue to over exert myself and put my soul into it every single day.

I know these are extremely irrational fears but I have a feeling you can relate. My intent is to share my journey raising my daughter while simultaneously taking my business to the next level. I want to share all the failures as well as the successes so whether you are in real estate or building another kind of business from the ground up, you know you have somewhere to come for a little humor, a lot of life lessons and where you will receive grace and no judgment. In the end we are all human and just trying to be the absolute best versions of ourselves we can be, hot mess express and all!

P.S. This is our safe space, feel free to leave a comment. What do you struggle with?  What “shoulds” do you wake up with in your head everyday?


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