The most common question lately, “where are all of the good houses?!”

The average sales price has decreased an average of 10%, however, rates are higher and there are less buyers currently looking. While inventory has increased, the quality of inventory has shifted. A common scenario I’m finding myself in with buyers is them not finding a home they truly want, even though there is more inventory available compared to the last few years.

Although more inventory is hitting the market, less properties seem to be of high quality and buyers are not impressed. The homes that do check all of buyers’ boxes and are priced well are receiving multiple offers. This means it’s imperative to have a top qualified agent representing you.

  1. An agent who has negotiation experience in multiple offer situations.
  2. An agent equipped with the proper team to execute quick and precise offers.
  3. An agent who understands both sides of a real estate transaction and can use their knowledge of contracts and the market to expertly negotiate on your behalf.

If you are interested in seeing quality inventory before homes hit the market or be the first to know when they do, AMH has a selective email process where you are notified as soon as a new property becomes available that meets your exact criteria. These can be off or on the market listings depending on what you’re looking for. Properties go straight to your inbox so you’re the first to know about new listings. CLICK HERE if you would like to have qualified homes delivered to your inbox.

Sellers, right now is the best time to prep your home for the market if you’re looking for eager buyers who are yearning to see homes in better condition and better quality than the competition. What you need to know right now to sell your home:

  1. Listing your home at the RIGHT PRICE from day one is crucial.
  2. Listen to your qualified professional hired (hopefully me) in regards to staging, organizing and what home improvements you should do before listing your property.
  3. We are back in a pre-pandemic housing market, you have to make your home stand out from all the rest so be prepared to work a little harder to make your house look perfect (that’s what having an experienced agent will help you with so you don’t have to do this alone)                                                                                                        

When listing with Alexandra Megan Homes, you have the benefits of professional full home staging, professional photography, targeted marketing strategies, and a dedicated team of experts behind your sale. Our goal is to make this process as EASY on you as possible!


Concerned about interest rates? People are very active in the Houston market. According to multiple national reports, Houston is the #1 city in the U.S. people are choosing to move to. This is an exciting time for our city and for you to consider your next move. If you want to find out more regarding Selling/Buying/Rentals/Investing/Flipping/New Construction, contact me, I’m always here to answer any questions and help! Text or call me (831.234.4882) or send me an email.

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