2022 Home Trends - AMH

What do wicker, lace, floral wallpaper, and rocks have in common? Answer: 2022 design trends. 2022 design trends are making themselves known and we are ready to divulge what to expect this year.

Lighting Choices

Creating an atmosphere for your home, or any space, takes the correct amount of lighting. …

Action Packed

Ahhhh, so excited we finally announced baby #2 is coming soon! I felt like in …

22′ Trends Are In

The trends are in and as an interior design connoisseur, I have to say, they …

It takes a village.

How is it March already?! I feel like I just put away the Christmas decorations …

Shouldn’t Say Shouldn’t

CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO HERE  It’s 10:54pm on a Tuesday night and I’m over …

Currently Reading

Alex McCauley

MAY READ: This book is life changing. This is my third time reading it through and it still resonates new gems every single time. In order to catapult your business into success you have to be making a profit. But, what good is a profit if you, yourself, are not making any money off of your business’s success? Every business owner needs this book.

Power of Your Subconscious

FEBRUARY READ: As a mom, wife, business owner, daughter, friend, everything else in between, I want to be the best human I can be. As smart as I think I am, I know there is more going on behind the scenes in my head. I am excited to dive into this one.

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Atomic habits

JANUARY READ: This book is such a game changer! Learning that the little habits do matter, they are what create your life & set the track for where it’s going. For someone like me, squirrel brain, this book gives practical action items for changing the way you operate without becoming overwhelmed or self critical.

Atomic habits