22′ Trends Are In

2022 Home Trends - AMH

The trends are in and as an interior design connoisseur, I have to say, they are giving out big energy. From irregular rugs and patterns to curated wallpaper designs, these trends give a sense of old world meets new world that immerses you in a beautiful partnership. AMH has been working in the world of design along side our investment properties and have seen the subtle changes over the years – but something feels fresh about 2022 design.

All white is out and eclectic bold statements are in. Grandmillenial design is bringing back vintage in a chic, contemporary way that matches with the ever changing pace of the millennial years. The beautiful thing is that it speaks to all generations in terms of style and overall feel.

Browns are Back

Alex McCauley
*This was a find at Target. Absolutely obsessed with their rug collection right now.

We are gonna see a palette of browns, cognacs, and deep tans inserted into 2022 interiors. According to Vogue ‘chocolate browns, camels and caramels—there has been so much color and pattern, especially pastels, the last few years and I think people will be ready for a palette cleanser.’ With a twist of 70’s vibes, minus the shag carpet, and a jolt of inspired retro patterns, we will see a warm welcome to this trend.

Bold Patterns & Designs

Spark a bit of joy! The funky patterns are back in making bold statements throughout the home. This trend hosts an atypical shaped rug here, a bold colored painting there to a funky pillow with an audacious design there. These are so exciting because they brighten up a space with character and beg of your attention. Mixing and matching bold color palettes with splashes of pattern will create an original atmosphere.

Grandmillenial Modern Decor

Lace, curated floral wallpaper, piping accents, and fringe design. Grandmillenial decor is not new concept, however, it is predicted that this will be the year of the modern grandmillenial style. This trend brings the calmness of a simpler time to our generation. It is the simplicity of decor and leaving the boldness to the patterns of wallpaper and classically styled furniture. Accents include ruffles, lace, accents of piping and a hint of modern chicness. Usually styled by using a main, bold pattern on walls or furniture and followed by complimentary patterns throughout different areas of the space.

Natural Elements

Naturally rocking your design! Rock paper holders, rattan surfaces, and natural elements bring a touch of calm to your space. The experts at Southern Living and Housebeautiful.com say we can expect to see an increase in natural elements being used throughout interior design. Sustainability has been a huge societal focus over the last decade and with climate change on the rise, the desire to be around organically curated materials has increased tremendously. These beautiful accents can naturally create an environment of peace and earthly connection,

Curves & Sculptural Design

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Boxy is out, curves are in. Rounded edges and sculpturally designed tables, chairs, fixtures, and even couches are inserting themselves into the the trendy side of interior decorating. We are seeing midcentury-esc furniture with unique qualities and carefully crafted chairs that are functional works of art for the home. Bringing rounded edges into a space projects an appealing softness and a daring divergence from previous year’s trends.

Wicker & Black

This trend adds a natural element with a stark contrast in color. The visual of this style is amusing to the eye with the natural highlight of wicker and a sharp variance in color. We are seeing this trending throughout all aspects of interior design including chairs, wall decor, and outdoor furnishings. The beauty of this trend is that it transcends the rules and cohesively pairs with almost all design styles. Bring a little bit of chic and playfulness into 2022 with this rising style.

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